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Zuckerberg Gets Sued

Zuckerberg Gets Sued
By: Chloe Kowalczyk
January 13, 2021

On Wednesday, December 9th, 48 states decided to sue Facebook with an antitrust case. Some of the legal arguments are attempting to separate Instagram and WhatsApp from Facebook. Facebook has been accused of becoming a monopoly. Zuckerberg’s company has been estimated to be worth $800 billion. Facebook has been buying various companies and expanding its social networking empire to an insane amount of financial growth.

With over one billion users on Instagram, let’s hear what some students from Glasgow have to say. Timmy Adey is an eighth-grader. He says that his initial reaction from hearing the news was, “Wow,” followed by, “It’s surprising that they got caught and are now getting hurt by 48 states.” Timmy also claims that he felt Facebook was becoming a monopoly with Zuckerberg being the cause. He feels that Instagram had poor security due to some experiences he had online.

Based on this interview I had with Timmy, the conclusion was that Zuckerberg was definitely the cause of the lawsuit. Considering how many users Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp have, it wouldn’t be completely wise for the states to ban the apps altogether. You also have to include the fact that many people have built careers and communication on these platforms. From influencers to small businesses, or even a text could change lives exponentially. It was wise for the states suing to not ban the apps altogether.

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