Artist Review: Beach Bunny


Lana Noredin, Misha Speede, & Isabella Pikner 

May 2, 2021

Disclaimer: Some of the songs listed in this article may talk about sensitive topics such as eating disorders. Please proceed with caution.

Beach Bunny first began as a solo bedroom-pop artist starring Lili Trifilio. During the same year, Lili released her first EP, “Animalism”. Shortly in 2018, when Beach Bunny’s newest members joined, members being, Jon Alvarado (drums), Matt Henkels (guitar), Anthony Vaccaro (bass). They released their newest EP “Prom Queen” which grew very popular in early 2019 due to the app ‘TikTok’ and famous creators using the song for a fifteen-second video. In March of 2021, YouTuber Paravi Das sang a cover of the song “Cloud 9” which was one of Beach Bunny’s lesser-known songs. The cover soon reached Tiktok then quickly grew to fame while the band also got more recognition. Unfortunately, Beach Bunny hasn’t collaborated with other people apart from the music community, but you may see a collaboration up on the horizon soon.

Musical Examination and Albums

A lot of the music that Beach Bunny produces deals with traumatic experiences that can leave scars on teenagers and young adults. They deal with the mental health struggle that is caused by high expectations and the fast-paced media that can be demanding for some to follow. 

Some of their top songs viewed on Spotify are, “Sports”, “Cloud 9”, “Colorblind”, “April”, “Boys”, “February”, “Promises”, “6 Weeks”, “Painkiller”, “Rearview” and “Jenny”. All of the songs listed below are from their album, “Honeymoon”. Honeymoon, being released last year, and being one of the more known albums, with songs including, 

– Promises

– April

– Cloud 9

– Rearview

– Cuffing Season

– Ms. California

– Colorblind

– Racetrack

– Dream Boy

 Introducing their latest and newest album, “Blame Game” which had been released this January, only including four songs, such as, Good Girls (don’t get used), Love Sick, Nice Guys, and Blame Game. 

Their Significance to the GMS Community

Although Beach Bunny is one of the lesser-known artists of 2021, they’re continuing to grow more fame this year. They’re important to GMS Community because their music discusses very important topics such as eating disorders, self-confidence, and loneliness. It also brings people together, while also being fun to listen to. Beach Bunny has left meanings in their songs, such as bringing awareness to terrible beauty standards, girls’ clothing standards, and more. 

Genres: Indie-Pop, Pop-Punk, Indie-Rock, Power-Punk, Bedroom Rock