Artist Review: Mother Mother 

Lana Noredin & Misha Speede

April 23, 2021

From late 2020 to early 2021, the Canadian indie-rock band Mother Mother rose to prominence once more with the help of Gen Z promoting them through social media (mainly Tiktok). Even though they haven’t released new music in two years, Mother Mother has been receiving millions of new streams through music-playing applications such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube Music. Songs from this band are being used as dance audios, cover inspiration for singers, and some other musical content-creators have created mashups of these songs. The hashtag, #mothermother has been viewed over 56 million times on the social media platform, Tiktok. The members of the band [Ryan Guldemond (main vocals), Molly Guldemond (vocals), Ali Siadat (drums), Jasmin Parkin (vocals), Mike Young (bass)] have responded enthusiastically to many content-creators and fans who have created their own works of art based on their 2000s-era songs.  

Mother Mother combines the classic rock-band starter pack of drums, bass, and piano with their unique voices and bringing attention to important struggles that teenagers and young adults go through. You may recognize some of their songs that have recently surfaced on the internet again:

Album: Touch Up, 2007

  • Oh Ana
  • Verbatim

Album: O My Heart, 2008

  • Arms Tonite
  • Burning Pile
  • Hayloft
  • Ghostin’
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Body

Why is Mother Mother Beneficial to GMS’ Community? 

Even though Mother Mother writes random words and lyrics together to create songs that can sometimes come out as unsettling or eerie, many of the songs they have produced have many beneficial and important meanings no one really talks about. For example, their song ‘Body’ which translates 


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