Asian Fiction to Read


By Misha Speede

February 23, 2021


Here are 5 books in this genre that you’ll likely enjoy!


These Violent Delights: Chloe Gong

The year 1926 in Shanghai is the perfect year for opportunities for the unexpected to create mischief and unbelievable friendships begin to bloom. In the midst of it all, Juliet Cai, an eighteen-year-old girl a part of one of Shanghai’s most notorious gangs, the Scarlet Gang, accidentally stirs up trouble in the wrong areas. Their only rivals in power are the White Flowers, and in the heart of it all, there is Roma Montagov. When a mysterious and deadly glittering monster begins to create chaos within Shanghai, Juliet and Roma are forced to work with each other. Together, they have to set aside their history and blood feud to save Shanghai from the madness.


Last Tang Standing: Lauren Ho

The endless tug-of-war between pleasing her family and pleasing herself has such a surrendering flame that even Andrea Tang can’t even control. At thirty-three years old, Andrea should be living the dream; she lives in an extremely affordable and stylish condo complex, she has a stable job at a law firm, “healthily” competes with her co-worker Suresh, and has a chic and modern group of friends that will never let her down. On the other hand, her parents deem this lifestyle as unacceptable, just because Andrea doesn’t have a partner and a litter of “pure” Chinese babies. When billionaire Eric Deng waltzes into her life and offers her everything her parents would want her to accept, Andrea wonders if this new lifestyle is the way she wants to live. 


Outrun The Moon: Stacey Lee

1906 in San Francisco is supposed to be a place of opportunity. Fifteen-year-old Mercy Wong has determined that this year is her year, and she shall break free of the retching poverty that Chinatown has provided for her. Leaving her family and the boy that she loves, she gains admittance through the prestigious St. Clare’s School for Girls. Although St. Clare’s is filled with the wealthiest and most cunning white girls, Mercy finds a way to understand her enemies and doesn’t let them get their way. When a devastating earthquake tears San Francisco apart, Mercy wonders if she can patch the broken heart to a city. What can only one girl do to fix such a big problem?


Loveboat Taipei: Abigail Hing Wen

Ever Wong’s parents have one goal for her for the summer, they want her to connect to her roots. When they sign her up for a strict, tightly knit educational program in Taiwan without her knowledge, she has to leave the comfort of her town, and especially her dancing. Instead, she finds Loveboat, a program especially for teenagers to run free and dive deeper into the nightlife of Taiwan. Ever finds herself teetering between the border of the future she dreams of and the future her parents wrote for her. One thing is for sure though, this summer is one that she will never forget.


Last Night At The Telegraph Club: Malinda Lo

1954 in San Francisco isn’t safe for anyone. It certainly isn’t also a safe place for two girls to fall in love. Lily Hu sure wasn’t sure how she came to this exact conclusion, but when Katherine Miller walked into the Telegraph Club, puzzle pieces began to fall into place. Stunned by this wonderous lifestyle, Lily is enraptured by it all. When Lily has to battle between following the guidelines that her parents set for her, and following what she believes is correct, she is wrapped in a blanket of making tough decisions. 


Hopefully, some of you will get the chance to read some of these books!