Books to Read


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By: Saron Amdemeskel



Are you stuck at home bored out of your mind? Well, I’ve got some books that you can read.


The Poet X

By: Elizabeth Acevedo


From her bedroom in Harlem, Xiomara Batista is a 15-year-old girl who writes poetry to put all her feelings and ideas on a page. She shares her thoughts only with a few people until her English teacher Ms. Galiano invites her to speak in a poetry club and later at a poetry slam. There she shares her deepest poems and makes new friends. 


Unlike Xiomara, her mother, Mami, is very Catholic. Her Mami has high expectations for Xiomara and is always pushing her, but Xiomara has her own, which are far from her mother’s. Mami sets impossible limits on Xiomara’s social freedoms. During the next few months of her sophomore year, Xiomara starts to fall for her biology lab partner, Amen. She hides this from her mom, knowing she wouldn’t approve of it. 


Xiomara has a conflicted relationship with her parents. They share different ideas and opinions. Her mother is devoted to the Catholic church, which means Xiomara has to live up to her religious ideals. Mami pushes her to be more like her twin brother, Xavier, who has a secret of his own. Xiomara finds peace in her writing, but what will her mother do when she finds out? Read to find out.




On the Come Up

By: Angie Thomas


Brianna, Bri, Jackson’s dream is to follow in her father’s footsteps by becoming a rapper. Her father had died eight years ago, and he was an underground hip-hop star that went by the name “Lawless.” Bri wants to perform for her first time on the bill at a local club, the Ring, competing in a rap battle. Her aunt, Pooh, is a drug dealer. She helps and supports her. She tries to help Bri get a contract signed.

Bri has a tough life at home. While her aunt is a drug dealer and a well-connected member of the neighborhood gang, the Garden Disciples, her mom, Jay, is a former crack addict. Bri is always scared that her mom will relapse, even though she’s been sober for 8 years. Bri goes through some challenges throughout the book. Read to find out.


The Giver

By: Lois Lowry



In a world where crime and sadness don’t exist, Jonas lives with his mother, father, and his seven-year-old sister Lily. His father is a Nurturer of new children. His mother works at the Department of Justice. Jonas is excited about the upcoming Ceremony of Twelve because it is when he will be given his official Assignment as a new adult member of the community. Although he does no


t have a distinct career preference, he enjoys volunteering at a variety of different jobs. Jonas is a good student and a well-behaved citizen, but he is different. Unlike anyone else in his community, who has dark eyes, he has pale eyes. Jonas can see flashes of color, as everyone else lives in a world without color, sadness, pain, and many other mistakes of the past. Although he doesn’t know, he is the only one in the community that can do this. At the ceremony, he is given a job that hasn’t been given in years. Read to find out.





By: Marissa Meyer

Trilogy: Renegades, Arch Enemies, Supernova


Nova has a reason to hate the Renegades, a group of prodigies — humans with extraordinary abilities — who formed from the ruins of a disintegrating society and established peace and order where chaos existed. They weren’t there for her when she needed them the most. As she is planning revenge, she meets a Renegade boy, Adrian, and grows closer to him. Adrian believes in justice, as he is part of the Renegades. Everyone loves and trusts the Renegades, that is except the villains they once defeated. Secret identities. Prodigious Powers. She wants vengeance. He wants justice. What will happen when all comes out. Read to find out.



All these stunning and breathtaking books will make you not want to put them down until you’ve finished the last pages. You can find all these books on MackinVia. Hope you enjoy them! Happy reading!