Cobra Kai: A Netflix Series


By: Nahom Daniel

January 11, 2021

The 1984 film The Karate Kid was about Daniel LaRusso, who learned karate with a different method of training. He enters a competition and beats his bully. 34 years later, Daniel LaRusso is a successful man, but the bully, Johnny Lawrence, is trying to do his best to live life while feeling like a loser on the inside. A new boy moves into his town, Miguel Diaz, and he has to face some bullies of his own. Luckily, Johnny is there to help Miguel out. Johnny decides to start a dojo and teach kids karate his own way. Unfortunately, Larusso doesn’t think it’s a good idea and thinks that Johnny’s students will turn into him.

136 Glasgow students took a survey and 15.4 percent of them have seen Cobra Kai, while 8.1 percent have seen a few episodes. Out of those people, 31.3 percent of people gave it a ten out of ten while 12.5 percent gave it a five out of ten. It’s an amazing show and it’s surprising how only a select amount of students have seen it.

Out of the people who watched it there was a lot to be said. Trevion Adams says, “It’s a cool, wholesome show.” Leonardo Valli says, “I love how they brought back Karate Kid, I loved the movie when I was little.” Lastly, Brooke Ehmann-Jones says, “Cobra Kai focuses on the other side of the story in the Karate Kid (Cobra Kai). It is filmed from the main viewpoint and perspective of Johnny Lawrence, a former student of Cobra Kai, that takes on a similar plot to the Karate Kid, a kid wanting to learn karate to defend himself, and to stand up to a social hierarchy. You are led through a series of character dramas, plot twists, and so much more, in this story of a war between two two karate dojos. But I find myself asking this question a lot after watching Cobra Kai: Is it really only a war between karate dojo’s, or does it go deeper than that?”

Boisseau Woltz was asked a few questions about the show. When asked what hooked him to the show he said, “The action of Cobra Kai really drew me in.” He recommends this show to teens who can take violence and like action. When asked if he had anything else to say he said, “I really like the storyline, and it’s really underrated,” and “I can’t wait till season 3 comes out!”

You should definitely watch Cobra Kai. For the action, suspense, and thrill. Not to mention that season three just came out and season four is in the making!