Glasgow Takes a Look at the New Doctor Strange Movie


Content Warning: This article contains spoilers for the new Doctor Strange movie. Please don’t read if you would like to enjoy the actual movie once you watch it. 

Dr. Strange and the multiverse of madness was released on May 6th, 2022. It follows Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and new superhero, America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez), through the multiverses as they try to hide from the Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen). 

The movie starts in the multiverse as America Chavez is being chased by a creature sent by a mysterious stranger. She soon finds herself in Dr. Strange’s universe. Were the meet. Dr. Strange  tries to help Chavez  by going to Scarlet Witch, which is when she reveals that she is the one looking for Chavez. After traveling through two universes, Chavez is captured  by Scarlet Witch. So Dr. Strange must fight the Scarlet Witch to save Chavez. In the end things start going back to normal for Dr. Strange and America Chavez. 

Here is a rundown of the main characters and their powers:           


America Chavez (She/her) is the newest addition to the MCU. She is a young hero with the power to travel between multiverses. However, she can not control when she travels to another universe. As a result of this, it has caused trouble for her and her family. She ends up sending both her moms into another multiverse. 




Dr. Strange (He/him) is a very powerful wizard. He has the time infinity stone which amplifies his powers. In the movie he helps America defeat Scarlet Witch.





Wanda Maximoff, or Scarlet Witch has many powers including reality bending, mind manipulation, and telekinesis.




Let’s go to Mrs. Grillo to see what she thinks about the multiverse of madness.    

“It’s about time we got a sequel to Doctor Strange, it has been a long time coming. Though, if you really think about it, this movie feels more like a Wanda story than anything else.  She was the one who changed the most, and I must say she made a vicious villain. This movie is darker than most of the Marvel movies, and I think the jury is still out. I really liked that.  My favorite thing about the movie is the idea that our dreams are really just glimpses into another universe.  This opened a world of mind-blowing ideas for this creative soul. Overall, Doctor Strange may not rank as one of my favorites of the MCU, but I did thoroughly enjoy it.”                                                                   

Now it’s your turn to decide for yourself. Go check out Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Magic!