Interview With the Author of Welcome Back Maple-Mehta Cohen

Interview With the Author of Welcome Back Maple-Mehta Cohen

Author Kate McGovern shares her thoughts and inspiration on her latest book, Welcome Back Maple-Mehta Cohen. 

These are some quotes from the interview with Kate McGovern.

We asked her what inspired her to write her book.  “First the idea came from a lot of students that I used to work with earlier in my career.”  Mrs. McGovern says.  She also says that one of her first jobs after college was helping middle school students with their reading.  “When I started thinking about what my next book was going to be about, I started to think about these former students and how special they were”  These kids really touched Mrs. McGovern’s heart, but so did Mrs. McGoverns own kids.  She says that Maple is half Indian and half White/Jewish.  “My kids are also half Indian and part White/Jewish so that part was inspired by my kids.”  Next we asked her if she had to summarize her book in 2 words what would they be?  “Big hearted and realistic”  Mrs. McGovern says that she chose big hearted because she wanted readers to get a warm fuzzy feeling when they read the book.  Mrs. McGovern also says that she would go with realistic because she says that people often ask if it is realistic that a kid can get all the way to 5th grade and nobody notices how much they are struggling.  “I choose the word realistic because unfortunately a lot of kids do struggle with reading and it can be missed because a lot of parent don’t really know what to look for, and a lot of times in school there is a lot of sense of oh she’ll get caught up or she’s at her own time and thats can be true but for a lot of kids”.  

Those were only some of the questions that we asked Kate McGovern about her new book.  If you would like to read the whole interview with Kate McGovern then go to the link listed down below.  In the meantime you should buy Kate McGoverns book, Welcome Back Maple-Mehta Cohen.

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