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Movies to Watch in Your Free Time


By Misha Speede

December 15, 2020

During free time, it can get boring at times, and you might wish that you have new movies to watch. I know I will be rewatching my favorite movies, so I bring to you, two of my favorite movies that you should watch during winter break!


Pearl Harbor

PG 13 ‧ War/Action ‧ 3 hours 4 minutes ‧ 2001

The romantic drama movie, Pearl Harbor, is based on historical events and really illustrates the historical truth and importance of the bombing in Pearl Harbor. Childhood friends, Danny Walker and Rafe McCawley enter World War 2 as pilots. Rafe then becomes enlisted in England’s Royal Airforce, expecting that it would be just like training. He then realizes that this is war, and it is nothing like home. Back in the USA, Evelyn, Rafe’s girlfriend finds comfort in his arms. I love this movie so much, because the plot twists are so unexpected. This movie highlights the amazing and brave work that the nurses did when tragedy struck. Pearl Harbor is really an underrated performance that combines the element of teamwork and romance in a tragic event.

Forrest Gump

PG 13 ‧ Drama/Romance ‧ 2 hours 22 minutes ‧ 1994

This was the first Tom Hanks movie that I ever watched, and boy was this movie tremendously moving and educational. This classic coming of age move tells the story of Forest Gump a boy with autistic like traits. He finds himself navigating life’s unexpected and amazing journey. Forrest Gump never thought of himself as one with any disadvantage, because of the supportive and free lifestyle he lives with his mom. His mom has advocated for his success in every way, and this has him to live an unrestricted life. Becoming a college football star, fighting in the Vietnam War, captaining a shrimp boat and his everlasting kindness to everyone, has taught me two very important lessons; pain can be transferred into something productive, and you never know what you are capable of until you try it. Forrest Gump was an amazing performance that deserves to be recognized.

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Xiaoyu "Misha" Speede, Staff Writer

Misha Speede is an 8th grader in Glasgow Middle School. She is currently growing up in a very diverse and multicultural family; her mother is Chinese and she is African American. She can speak Cantonese and Mandarin, and she really enjoys eating all of the Chinese delicacies. Besides speaking three languages, she also enjoys writing, especially poetry and fantasy. She also really like reading, if she could live in a book fandom, she would live at Camp Half Blood. She is also in orchestra at Glasgow, and she plays the violin.

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