Must Read Series: The Trials of Apollo by Rick Riordan


Riya N. Vlcan

March 11, 2021

Are you looking for a new book to read? Maybe even a new series? Then you should read the Trials of Apollo by Rick Riordan, also the author of the Percy Jackson series and the Kane Chronicles. This fictional 5 book series about Greek mythology, fantasy, and adventure tied in with comedy has just about everything and is an absolute must-read that everyone will love! 

The Hidden Oracle

Apollo, who’s been cast down to earth by his father Zeus and given the body of a teenager with the name LesterPapadopoulos, now has a job: regaining control of the oracles. Not only does Apollo being a former god make the story hilarious, but soon after waking up as a mortal, he’s given a master, a 12-year-old girl with an adventurous spirit, colorful clothes, and glasses making the story even funnier. With crazy adventures, shocking plot twists, and never quite getting the full picture you never know what’s going to happen. What will happen? How does Apollo respond to all this? Make sure to read The Hidden Oracle and join along for the start of Lesters insane, extremely funny, and exotic trials! 

The Dark Prophecy

Once again on a quest, Apollo is determined to save his friend from the clutches of evil. In the process, he meets up with old friends to help them while creating new ones on the way. Apollo has now been human for a bit as well as made friends and he’s starting to embrace his feelings about people, friends, and his actions creating a heartwarming story for the reader. Don’t worry though, this isn’t all about feelings and warming hearts. There are also amazing battles and creatures you don’t want to miss! Join Apollo for another mission filled with emotion, adventure, and the complete craziness of being a demigod! 

The Burning Maze

Apollo’s now got a new mission and it’s bringing back fan-favorite characters Grover Underwood, Piper Mclean, and Jason Grace. Apollo’s already faced two of the evil emperors but now it’s time to meet the third and final one, a malicious god-emperor with a plan to destroy Apollo and take over as the new sun god. Who is this god-emperor? What will happen to Apollo? This book of heartbreaking sacrifice, awkward relationships, riddles, and morals all shown through entertaining adventures is an absolute must-read! 

The Tyrants Tomb

Previously in the books, we’ve already met lots of our old friends including our beloved Camp Half-Blood, but now It’s time to meet up once again with even more of our friends, this time Camp Jupiter. Having to face two of the emperors at once in a battle, Apollo and Camp Jupiter are trying to come up with a strategy of how to beat their opponent. However, little do they know what the emperors have planned. With stunning twists and turns, amazing characters, and the fight of a huge battle all with amazing comedy makes The Tyrants

 Tomb a book to read! 

The Tower of Nero

Throughout Apollo’s 6 months as a mortal, he’s changed quite a bit. He’s become the exact opposite of the selfish, spoiled Apollo we once knew and we love it! Nevertheless, it’s time for Apollo to face the final challenge of his sentence to Earth. Apollo must defeat the final emperor as well as his long-time enemy Python in order to regain control of the oracles to not only be able to become a god again but also save the entire world from destruction. The big question still lies though. Will Apollo be able to defeat both of them before time is up? Join us for the big finale to find out! 

In the virtual world, all we have now is time, so make sure to read this amazing series by Rick Riordan! You’ll be sure to love it and enjoy the adventure you’re being taken on!