Nadiya Bakes: TV Show Review


Raine Jeff and Brooke Ehmann – Jones

March 2, 2021


Nadiya Hussain, a baker who won the Great British Baking Show (on Netflix), has created her second cooking/baking TV show: Nadiya Bakes. The show highlights many different types of baking recipes from hearty, savory dishes to sweet, and indulgent delights. Her cheerful charisma and easily understandable recipes make the show very enjoyable for viewers of all ages.

Each episode features 4 of Nadiya’s own recipes along with a spotlight on an influential British baker. The bakers share their tips and tricks in the kitchen, along with a recipe of theirs. For her four recipes, Nadiya has a different theme for each episode such as “Classics with a Twist” (Episode 1) and “Baking on a Budget” (Episode 6).


Here’s a peek at some of Nadiya’s amazing recipes featured on her show:

Nadiya’s Money Can’t Buy You Happiness Brownies are a special and indulgent treat. She bakes these ambitious and chocolatey brownies on her episode “Baking With Chocolate”, the 4th episode of the series. This brownie is constructed of three layers, a triple chocolate brownie base, hazelnut dulce de leche, topped with a rich and zesty cheesecake. Though it’s quite a time-consuming bake, it will surely be worth the effort after tasting that pure chocolate heaven in your mouth. You can find this recipe and more of Nadiya’s delicious bakes on The Happy Foodie – Nadiya Hussain’s Money Can’t Buy You Happiness Brownies.


Nadiya’s Pulled Chicken Doughnuts, a savory yet sweet treat, are featured on “Biscuits and Bites” the 7th episode of her series. Savory doughnuts? What’s Nadiya thinking? Don’t worry, these mouthwatering doughnuts will surely keep you coming back for more! With pulled chicken and covered in savory-sweet dust, these donuts keep you intrigued by the mix of flavors. You can find this recipe on The Happy Foodie – Nadiya Hussain’s Pulled Chicken Doughnuts.


Nadiya’s Kransekake Biscuit Tower, a sweet and fun for all treat, is featured on “Celebration Bakes” the 8th episode in her series. It is an architectural marvel with eight layers of cookie goodness hiding a candy surprise. The eight cookies are circular rings that are stacked on top of each other in size order. Nadiya fills the interior with chocolate candies, for an even sweeter surprise. She covers the outside with lemon and black poppy seed icing. This sweet cookie tower is full of wonderful tastes and fun designs. You can find this recipe by clicking this link: Nadiya Hussain Kransekake Biscuit Tower Recipe | BBC2 Nadiya Bakes


Currently, at eight episodes on Netflix, Nadiya Bakes is a must-watch! Either as a way to spend a cozy evening at home or to learn how to bake; this show will keep you stuck to the screen, wanting to bake these recipes yourself!