Romantic Reads for the Month of Love


Looking for some romance in your reading, or a pinch of sweetness in your life? These books will put you in the perfect mood for this romantic month.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

By: Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Two drastically different teens: Aristotle or “Ari” who is an angry teen with a brother in prison; and Dante, a know-it-all with an interesting perspective on the world, meet at the swimming pool. They have nothing in common, but when they start spending time together they form an unlikely but special friendship. Their families are both very different. Ari’s being silent and ignoring past trauma of his Dad’s experiences in the Vietnam war, and Dante’s family who encourages communication and understanding of feelings. Not only that, but Ari also faces an internal conflict, struggling with his identity and who he really is. There are ups and downs in their friendship, danger and hurt, but their strong bond comes through in the end.

This young adult LGBTQ+ novel explores themes of race, ethnicity, sexuality, and understanding one’s identity. Through his struggles, internal and external, Ari must learn how to communicate with his parents about topics they are hesitant to discuss and accept who he really is. This fantastic coming-of-age novel will lead you through a heart-wrenching and eye-opening story of friendship, family, and identity.   

American Panda

By: Gloria Chao

17-year-old Mei Lu a Taiwanese-American daughter whose parents have already planned out her life: graduate from MIT, become a doctor, and marry a Taiwanese Ivy Leaguer; finds herself straying far from that path. It’s not just her fear of germs, but also her passion for dance and crush on a Japanese-American classmate (that’s out of the question when it comes to her parents’ approval) which makes it apparent that she doesn’t want to be forced down the life her parents planned for her.

Facing family feud and disappointment, a dreaded career path, and the conflict in her heart over her parents or feelings for her crush, Mei faces the challenge of finding her true self without abandoning her Taiwanese culture. This cute but perceptive book is filled with laugh out loud moments when it comes to Mei’s awkwardness or her mom’s overprotectiveness, but also explores themes of outdated traditions and battling conscience over culture vs. identity.

One Last Stop

By: Casey McQuiston

Trigger warning: Includes sexual scenes and mature language

August moves to New York City to try out yet another college. She’s been college hopping so long, her student debt has her drowning. She moves in with a group of young adults who seek adventure and fun whenever they can. Along with getting through college day by day, she gets a job at a pancake restaurant by her apartment. Her life is going well, but she encounters an odd situation. Jane, a girl she always sees on the train. Every single time August steps on the Q, Jane is somewhere within one of the train cars.

Slowly, August finds out Jane isn’t some normal girl who happens to be on the same wavelength as August. She’s different and as August learns more about her predicament, they grow closer and closer. Forming a romantic relationship in an unusual situation.

Enjoy these sweet reads in the month of love!