Tall Girl 2: A Worthwhile Feel Good Romance


Tall Girl 2 came to Netflix on February 11, 2022. It was a long-awaited counterpart to Tall Girl, which came out in September 2019. Fans were absolutely ecstatic when the sequel was announced. 

With Ava Michelle playing our leading lady, Jodi, a high school junior, who was previously relentlessly bullied for her above-average height. She has now just landed the lead role in her school’s production of Bye, Bye Birdie. With her newfound popularity, she starts to lose sight of her most important relationships and causes rifts amongst herself, her boyfriend, and her best friend. With so many issues crashing down on her, we can only wait and see if Jodi overcomes it and learns to fight the voice in her head. 

While this movie does follow more of a romantic comedy style, it is definitely a step up from its earlier counterpart. In the first movie, it did feel like some of the characters were very surface level. However, in this movie, a lot of the characters like Dunkleman (Griffin Gluck), Harper (Sabrina Carpenter), and Fareeda (Anjelika Washington) are more fleshed out and really shine in the story. Characters like Stig (Luke Eisner), Schnipper (Rico Paris), and Kimmy (Clara Wilsey) are all given redemption arcs which at first may sound overwhelming but actually worked in the movie’s favor in the end. Several new characters are also introduced, and they drove the plot forward and kept you wanting more throughout the story. 

This movie does play into the romance cliches causing quite a bit of predictable drama between the characters. However, Fareeda and Jodi’s friendship is also put front and center, and it’s very heartwarming to watch throughout everything that is going on in both of their lives. Other than that, this movie does a great good job of realistically shedding light on anxiety attacks and how they come to be. It also displays some coping mechanisms, which are helpful to viewers of any age. 

Finally, on top of the relatable characters and dramatic plot, the shots in this movie are absolutely gorgeous. The night scenes being brightly lit with different colored led lights really set the mood for various parts of the film. 

If you need a comfort movie with some good laughs, watch Tall Girl 2 on Netflix!