The Sensation of A Suburban Nation: GMS’s Opinion On WandaVision


Misha Speede

March 17, 2021

The next, top-tier TV show that would become a popular film sensation across America was certainly not expected to be a sci-fi mystery sitcom with a pinch of satirical, pop-culture burlesque humor. What makes it such a sought-after series? Is it the fact that it parodies the well-known shows a part of our pop-culture history such as The Dick Van Dyke Show, Bewitched, and I Dream of Jeannie? Is it because it reaches out to such a large audience? Whatever strategy Marvel Studios used certainly has worked, because it has made the top-most charts, reaching 6.5 million streams in the US as of February 16, 2021, a little over one month from its release date of January 15, 2021.

A survey was sent out to students and teachers at GMS, here are some of their thoughts on this new show!

Sofia Hemmens, an eighth-grader at GMS, reported her opinion on this enthralling TV Sitcom:

“Wandavision is a great show. I read a news article earlier today about how well the show portrays grief, but one of the most quoted lines so far – “What is grief, if not love persevering?” – isn’t actually accurate. In the article, an expert said that grief is more similar to avoid, and if it’s compared to love persevering, it also implies that there is a lack of love there.”

Diana Prudius, an enthusiastic 7th grader, stated her opinion on WandaVision:

“I absolutely adored WandaVision. Not only was it written very well, but it is also funny and mysterious at the same time. All the acting is on point, especially Elizabeth Olsen’s. The way it goes through different time periods, showing iconic intros is so entertaining. I especially loved the outside of Westview point of view. The actual mystery kept me on my toes and dying to see what’s next. It is unpredictable. The second you think something is going to happen, it makes a big dramatic turn. The show, in my opinion, is the best Marvel show yet to come.”

Adam Syar, an 8th grader, said what he thought of WandaVision:

“I think it is a really good show and Disney did a great job of continuing Marvel’s legacy.”

Last but not least, Cate Larmoyeux stated their views.

“I think it’s a wonderful addition to the MCU and I think it’s a great way to transition into Phase 4.”

Of the 89 people asked about WandaVision, only a surprising 33.7% have watched the show.

 Of the 59 people who stated they haven’t watched the show, 66.1% replied they wanted to watch it, and 33.9% responded they didn’t want to watch it.

WandaVision’s popularity has skyrocketed this year, what do you think about the show?

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