Top 6 Must Watch Middle School Animes For You


By Carlin Adjula
December 7, 2020

Have you ever been bored, and just been wanting to watch something? Well If you like anime this is fit for you! Even if you don’t watch anime or never tried it, at least give these a try, or try something else. Since you’re still reading this, you probably wanna know what are Anime choices we’ve got.

I’ve interviewed a few students from the Glasgow after school anime club and asked them for their choices. “Anime is different from other shows because you can see the journey, the character development, and the lessons that they take on the way,” said an anonymous interviewee. These Anime have a decent amount of episodes, and each has hooking stories to each of them. In conclusion, these are the top 6 must-watch animes that we came up with.


Number 1, “Your Lie In April” or, also known as “Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso”. Is an anime that ran in 2016 with roughly 22 episodes. Your Lie In April is about a Kosei Arima,

a high school pianist who has been traumatized from his mother’s death and is unable to recover and play piano again. He goes on with his normal life and with his good friends Watari and Tsubaki. Still, condemned about playing piano, until he meets a bright, free-spirited violinist named Kaori Miyazono, who slowly attempts to help Arima recover and play piano again. However, Kaori’s life isn’t much different from Arima’s. She also has something very severe in her own path. Will she ever be successful to help Arima play piano again? Or will she suffer from her own troubles and fail? Watch Your Lie In April, A Heartfelt story about 2 Musicians, to find out!

|Where to watch/Resources: Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation, ETC.| Genres: Drama, music, romance, a slice of life, heartfelt |Studio: A-1 Pictures| Recommended Grade level: 6th+ | Trigger Warnings Include: Fainting, hospital, minor violence.|

Number 2,
“The Promised Neverland” currently has 12 episodes and is about to release a second season. Emma, Ray, and Norman are the smartest kids that live their normal life in the Grace Field House Orphanage, with their kind, thoughtful, loving guardian, they call “Mom”. They love spending time every day on the farm and live their best lives, making them want to stay forever. However, that all changed when they discovered all the lies, dark truths, and secrets about the real world that they were forbidden to see. Will they be able to uncover more truths? How will they act? And what consequences will come along the way? Make Sure to watch The Promised Neverland, an amazing thriller made by Kaiu Shirai that’ll make you want more.

|Where to watch/ Resources: Crunchyroll, Youtube, Funimation, Netflix, Vrv, ETC| Genres: Fantasy, Mystery, Horror, Drama, Psychological, Thriller.| Studio: CloverWorks |Recommended Grade level: 7th+ | Trigger Warnings Include: Minor gore, fear, minor blood sightings, may be upsetting for certain audiences|You can read full review here,


Number 3, “Cells at work” Or “Hataraku Saibō” is a 13 episode anime that aired in the Summer of 2018. Did you know there are about 60 trillion cells in the human body? But, what really happens inside? Each cell has its own job to make sure the human body is healthy and safe. When you get injured, bacteria and viruses attempt to break in, trying to make your whole body fail, if successful. However, the cells are there to fight back and make sure it doesn’t happen. How do your cells work?

Watch This fun, and informative anime to find out.

|Where to watch/ Resources: Netflix, Crunchyroll, Vrv, Funimation| Genres: Informative, adventure, comedy. | Studio: David Production | Recommended Grade levels: 6th+ | Trigger warnings Include: Blood, violence, adventure, fear, language|


Number 4, What have you ever wished for? Wealth, power, love? If you’re proven worthy of it, your deepest darkest desires will come true, you’ll be summoned into a “regular” to climb the tower, everything awaits at the top of the tower, the “Tower of God”. Tower of God was originally a webtoon created by SIU, on the Korean App “Line Webtoon”. This anime really combines Korean and Japanese animators, by having the opening song of the anime sung by the popular K-pop group “Stray Kids” of JYP entertainment. Tower of God is based around Bam, a little body in rags, who lives in a cave, alone where he cannot dare to escape. Until he meets Rachel, a blonde girl who would numb that loneliness for Bam. However, Rachel decides to leave Bam and climb up the top of the tower for her desire to be granted. As Rachel vanishes into the tower a slight opening of the door opens, allowing Bam to go through. From there he makes his whole life and his whole existence, to go search for Rachel. Will Bam be Successful in finding Rachel? Who will he meet on the way? And what else is in store for him? Watch Tower of god, a 100% unique next-generation anime from SIU of LINE Webtoon.

|Where to watch/ Resources: Crunchyroll, Possibly Youtube, ETC. | Genres: Action, adventure, drama, mystery, fantasy. | Studio: Telecom Animation Film | Recommended Grade level: 6th-7th+ | Trigger Warnings Include: Blood, violence, language, slight Fear | Extra: Read the original on LINE Webtoon, recommended for a better experience.|


Number 5, “A Silent Voice” Or “Koe no Katachi” is about Shoya Ishida, who decides to bully the new girl, Shouko Nishimiya, because of her deaf disability. The bullying continues and influences many others to bully Shouko, however, Shoya’s life will eventually become just as miserable as Shoukos was. Shouko transfers, labeling Shoya as an outcast and a bully. After many years pass Shoya feels unworthy but attempts to redeem himself and make amends with Shouko, after his miserable past that he created for her, and himself. Although all seems well, other obstacles come a long way, many lessons are taught and learned. What will happen to Shouko and Shoya? Will he be able to redeem himself? And what lessons come a long way? Watch A Silent Voice, a sentimental hooking story about a bully and a victim, to find out what happens.

| Where to watch/ Resources: Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation, ETC,| Genres: Drama, romance, redemption, a slice of life. | Studio: Kyoto Animation | Recommended Grade level: 7th+ | Trigger Warnings Include: Suicide thoughts, language, minor blood sightings, violence. Recommended watching with caution, upsetting for certain audiences. | Extra “I think that the lesson of Koe no Katachi or a Silent Voice teaches us the beauty and importance of having a voice and sharing it with the world. Koe no Katachi means “the shape of voice” translated from Japanese. The shape of voice makes more sense to me than A Silent Voice in my opinion because it explains the movie more,”- said Lana Noredin, an interviewee.|


Number 6, “Mob Psycho 100” Currently aired with 2 seasons, circles around Shigeo Kageyama, or “Mob”, who is an ESPER with telekinetic abilities. He follows around his “Master” who is an expert in exorcism. Although these abilities seem pretty helpful, they’re very difficult to control in your everyday life. However, Mob doesn’t always manage to keep calm in situations, never make Mob upset. Otherwise, you’ll pay the price. How will Mob manage to control his abilities? How will his master help him? And what obstacles will get in his way? Watch “Mob Psycho 100” A comedy about Mob, and his struggles with life.

| Where to watch/Resources: Crunchyroll, Funimation, Vrv, ETC. |Genres: Action, comedy, a slice of life, supernatural. |Studio: BONES |

Recommended Grade Level: 6th-7th+ | Trigger warnings include: Violence, blood sightings, minor adult references. |



Additional Information:

A Tribute to Kirby Morrow, who recently passed away and dubbed a bunch of beautiful characters.

A letter to Kirby Morrow | Fan Tribute Project -| Angela Tehaha |


Honorable Anime Mentions:

  1. Maquia when a promised flower blooms
  2. Hunter X Hunter
  3. Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood)
  4. Howl’s Moving castle
  5. Violet ever garden
  6. Toradora
  7. Assassination classroom
  8. Haikyuu
  9. One piece
  10. Naruto

And many more.

Authors note: When or if you’re watching anime, always watch with caution, and always read reviews before you start it. It might startle you.