Abnormal – Chapter Three

Abnormal - Chapter Three

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This post is part of Rania Seid’s short story series, Abnormal. When more chapters are published, they will be linked here. Part One / Part Two

“The landlord came by today.”

Oh no. “What’d he say?” I awaited her answer, crossing my fingers so tight they turned a deep scarlet red.

Mom looked into my eyes. “Honey, I don’t want you to think you have any responsibility for this, ok?” I slowly nodded my head, fearing the worst. “We’re being evicted.” Silence followed for about two minutes after she said the sentence I’ve been fearing ever since dad died. My dad died when I was five years old. He died from diabetes. Months prior, he always acted normal but that whole time, he was suffering. At the time, I didn’t know why he disappeared for long periods. He covered it up and said that he just had extra work hours and I blindingly believed him. Well, obviously I did; I was five.

When he died, my mom couldn’t afford the house we were living in so we moved into a small three bedroom house. She had to fit three jobs into her schedule. 

“Mom, why didn’t you tell me rent was due before? I could’ve gotten a job!” I cried, choking back tears.

Mom looked up at me with a sudden serious face. “No. I want you to focus on school because you’re getting a scholarship whether you like it or not. I can’t afford your tuition and I don’t want you getting a minimum wage job! You and your brother need to have a better life than me!” Then she halted. “Speaking of your brother, where is he?”

Now it was my turn to cry. I broke down. “I don’t know! I’ve been looking for him AND Zach all day but I can’t find them! Bruno would never skip school, mom. Something is wrong.” As we spoke, the door burst open. It was Bruno.

“Bruno! Where were you!” I cried, pulling him into a tight hug. 

Bruno hugged me back for a split second but pulled away. “Martha, remember the prank eyeball you found in the morning?” I nodded my head, still holding Bruno’s arm, afraid he was going to disappear again. “Where did it go? I need it right now.”

“I’ll get the eyeball but why do you need it?” I asked him. This was weird. He shows up after skipping school for the first time in his life and asks for his prank eyeball? My day just got stranger.

Bruno stamped his foot in frustration. “Ask the questions later! I’ll explain!” I nodded my head hastily and walked towards the coffee table that happened to be in front of Benishki. I remember finding the prank eyeball there in the morning and being startled. I grabbed the eyeball and, surprisingly, it felt abnormally realistic. I dropped it in shock.

“No! It’s going to break!” Bruno shouted. He ran over to me and grabbed the eyeball gently. Is it even possible to grab something gently? 

Rubbing my hands on the side of my brown corduroy pants to get the stickiness of the prank eyeball off my hand, I said, “Where did you even get that prank eyeball?” 

“Um, I got it f-from Spirit Halloween!” he claimed. 

“Isn’t Spirit Halloween closed during December?” I asked, confused. 

“Nevermind that!” Bruno yelled. “I need to tell you something.” He glanced at mom. “Privately.”

I smiled at mom sympathetically. “We’ll be back soon, mom.” Bruno gave mom a tight hug. It looked like he was never going to see her again. He’s so dramatic. 

“I love you, Bruno. Just be back soon, ‘kay?” Mom said. Bruno and I nod our heads and that’s when he grabbed my arm and went outside. 

“What’re you guys going outside for?” Mom asked, a perplexed expression on her face. 

“We just want to walk and talk at the same time. Fresh air, you know?” Bruno claimed. Mom slowly nodded her head, eyeing us suspiciously. 

As soon, as she closed the front door, Bruno’s smile dropped. He turned to look at me. “Get in the car. ASAP.” 

This post is part three of five of Rania Seid’s short story series, Abnormal. When more chapters are published, they will be linked here. Part One / Part Two