Illusion: A Short Story

2:00 AM Friday, July 16. 

It was a warm-cool night. I closed my eyes as I covered my hand on the bleeding to stop it. I felt light-headed, I couldn’t hear anything. The music my neighbors played began to slowly drift And drift away. My vision turned blank. I fell into a deep, deep sleep. I woke up to a beautiful morning sky, the air was breezy and warm. In front of me, a beautiful field of tall yellow flowers. I wasn’t very familiar with this place. I didn’t even know how or why I came here; I knew exactly who the tall, freckled-faced boy was. His hair, which was slightly greenish drooping from the sides of his face. I hugged him tightly as we soon held hands and ran through the beautiful field. But, I started growing tired. My weight started growing heavy. I dropped onto the ground, knees scraped and bruised. Blood rushed into My head as the world took a sharp turn up-side-down. The boy slowly faded and the sky was no longer blue but filled with dark clouds and the warm, breezy wind started to become cold, and colder. 


All of the sudden, I woke up breathing heavily and sweating. Why was My bedroom so small? I started screaming violently. Could anyone hear me? I couldn’t move. I heard Cries from outside of the casket. It sounded like my aunt Julie. Was I possibly six feet underneath? Or is it all an illusion?