Illusion: A Short Story


Lana Noredin

May 1, 2021

It was a warm-cool night. I closed my eyes as I covered my hand on the bleeding to stop it. I felt light-headed. A nurse rushed in asking me if I was okay. All I remember is nodding my head yes then taking a big sigh and slowly falling asleep, or so what I thought all happened. I soon woke up to a heart monitor beeping. I slowly started falling asleep, my head resting on the soft pillow, my hospital gown was a bit too small for me. All of a sudden, I woke up to a beautiful morning sky and in front of me, a beautiful field of flowers. Where was I? I didn’t even have one clue on why I got here or how I even am here. I noticed that there were two familiar people. One had a beautiful smile, big brown eyes, and deep brown hair. The other was a beautiful girl whom I had recognized immediately. “Why was I here?” I thought as the warm breeze swept through my curls. I soon woke up breathing heavily and sweating. Why were the walls so small? I started screaming violently. Could anyone hear me? I couldn’t move. I heard cries from outside of my casket. It sounded like my aunt Julie. Was I possibly six feet underneath? Or is it all an illusion?