Look Into The Heavens


By: Misha Speede

January 14, 2020

Looking at the photograph of the older teenage girl, I can only see light in the picture. Her smile seemed to illuminate the photograph. Her arm lazily swung around a younger girl with acne that dotted her face like stars in the night sky. The older girl leaned on an older looking boy, who’s dirty brown curly hair and golden-tanned skin made him look like a carbon-copy of Apollo. The older girl has electric blue hair, and she wears a mischievous yet heartwarming smile. A brown beagle laid on their feet, its tail avidly swaying back and forth.


The photograph sits in a black frame, resting next to a sculpted mushroom mug on my desk. This picture seems to hold as many truths, some of those truths just faded into lies disguised as truths. The older girl’s history is the most complicated history out of the three of them.


Astrid was a girl of many ideas, colorful ones. Whenever she was around, the room would be filled with easy-going energy that would make a stranger feel welcome. She loved to make and customize things, and they would make the best gifts. One year, she sent everyone in her friend group customized fairy-themed cups. one of them was shaped like a mushroom, another shaped like a cottage, and she gave herself one that looked like a field of flowers.


Astrid was a young woman with a heart so warm and kind it melted any cold feelings away. However, when Astrid wasn’t there, bone-chilling words would be said, feelings would be hurt. When she came back, the harsh words would be left unsaid, but there was a time where she left, and she didn’t return.


*2 Years Ago*


The inferno of flames wrapped around the car, the red flame a contrast to the snowy hill the car was buried in. Smoke and oil were slowly seeping out of the car, tainting the once white and pure snow. The blue Subaru was completely turned over, the windows cracked. Thousands of tiny shards littered the car floor that surrounded Astrid. A piece of scrap car had scraped her eye to her jaw and was she bleeding severely. Her beautiful cyan hair was starting to catch fire. No one was there to save her, so she just waited in the snow, burning, too numb to feel pain. Astrid blinked in and out of consciousness, and she could feel her life force depleting. Opening her eyes for the last time, she laid frozen, as her glassy brown eyes looked up into the heavens.