7th Grader Noah Berhane’s Thoughts On Call of Duty

7th Grader Noah Berhane’s Thoughts On Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a popular game with over 210 million people playing the game, but it’s important to look at both the ups and downs. There are many different games in the Call of Duty series including the Black Ops games, Modern Warfare games, Warzone, Cold War, and more. Vanguard is the most recent one. Back in 2010 to 2019, it was a real success since it was an all-around solid game. Modern Warfare 3 is widely regarded as the best game, getting the best reviews and sales.

Noah Berhane, a 7th grader at Glasgow, plays Call of Duty. He says, “I hate Call of Duty because updates are usually 5GB for a new gun so it becomes a waste of space. Do not waste your money on Call of Duty Vanguard because they changed nothing but the name and graphics.”                                                 

The first week of November 2021 was going to be the biggest drop Call of Duty Vanguard ever had, but the sales were even lower than expected to Activision. The amount of people that were playing Warzone Pacific deleted and just stopped playing. Now Activision’s net revenues have gone down by 10% and their net bookings by 18% because of all those people that stopped playing. Even though their net income increased by 11%  they are still losing some fame and a lot of players. These sales on Call of Duty are very disappointing.

One of the largest things that draws people to play Call of Duty are the graphics and the detail added to the game. The thing you have to watch out for are the PvP, but have campaigns. If you want to play a story mode or something similar, do not do the campaigns in PvP games like Call of Duty.

Just updating and loading up the game crashed my computer and now it does not work anymore because it took too much space. This is my rating on Call of Duty and its ups and downs of playing the game. I hope you all now have an Idea on what call of Duty is and if you would play the game.