Cookie Run: Kingdom


By Ashley Padilla and Malak Ahmed

October 15, 2021

Cookie Run, a series of online video games, has become immensely popular not only in its home country of South Korea, but it’s getting international attention around the world with more than 6 million downloads!

Cookie Run: Kingdom is the newest addition to the Cookie Run series, where players take the cookie characters into battle, build their own kingdoms, and watch it flourish! Together, they get to uncover the story of the kingdom’s past and defeat the darkness.

What attracts people to Cookie Run the most is new characters like Moon Rabbit, Hollyberry, Mala Sauce, and Raspberry Cookie. Since Cookie Run :Kingdom is a gacha game (a gacha game is a game where there is a specific currency that can help you get items in that game), Cookie Run: Kingdom comes out with new events and characters pretty often. Another thing that attracts people is their rewards and how generous they are with them. They’re often given good rewards, and that makes people want to play the game more. This gives the people a chance to pull for the characters they like!

Cookie Run: Kingdom has had one collaboration with Demon Slayer and now their newest collaboration is with Sonic The Hedgehog For Sonic’s 30th anniversary. Additionally for a limited time only Sonic and Tails are available from September 17-October 16.