Glasgow Gamers Stoked About Upcoming Pokemon Games


Pokemon is the highest-grossing media franchise in the world, and the games are clearly super popular in Glasgow. Every February 27th is Pokemon Day. To celebrate every year, the Pokemon Company makes a video called Pokemon Presents, revealing new games, characters, and more! The biggest announcement of this presentation was the reveal of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, as well as the region’s three starter Pokemon! In this article, you’ll learn about everything we know about the games, and Glasgow’s thoughts on it.

Luckily, we won’t have to wait long to get our hands on the games. Scarlet and Violet were announced to release in late 2022, and we even got to see three adorable starter Pokemon (shown right)! The first is Sprigatitio, a grass cat. The second is the cute croc Fuecoco, and the third is the duckling Quaxly. 

Diego Syar is a 7th Grader here at Glasgow, and he’s a huge Pokemon fan! Here’s what he thinks on Scarlet and Violet: “I think this game absolutely needs good graphics, considering that some people aren’t happy with Legends Arceus’ graphics. But, I am excited about what the starter evolutions are going to be like because I want quadruped starters!” Diego has a really good point because many think that the recent starters have been too human-like, and that they need to be more monster-like.

One of the most exciting parts of playing a new Pokemon generation is meeting all the new Pokemon! While we’ve seen the original three starters, the Pokemon Company has also announced many fan favorites returning. Almost 50 Pokemon have been confirmed returning, including Pikachu, Meowth, Psyduck, and Lucario!

Another reason why fans are hyped is because the game is confirmed to be fully open-world! Nintendo officially announced that in these games, “You’ll be able to freely explore a rich open world. A world filled with towns & cities that blend seamlessly into the wilderness with no borders!”

Kenneth Tang is another 7th Grader at Glasgow, and he’s really impressed at how far the series has come! “The Pokemon games have really developed drastically. It’s hard to believe that it used to be a few pixels on a screen,” he says.

All in all, almost everyone agrees that if Gamefreak takes their time, this game is gonna turn out amazing! It’s the first open world Pokemon game ever, and it looks like it’s gonna turn out to be revolutionary in many other ways as well! Of course, once the game releases, don’t forget to visit The Panther Post for our review on this game, as well as the thoughts of many other Glasgow students, too!