Super Mario Bros 35th Anniversary this March

Super Mario Bros 35th Anniversary this March

By Zev Laufer


This March marks the 35th anniversary of the Super Mario Bros franchise! If you don’t know what the Super Mario Bros franchise is, it’s the first Nintendo game series about an Italian plumber named Mario and his best friend Luigi. Over the past thirty-five years, Nintendo has released 20 super Mario games, not including games such as Mario Kart.

Nintendo decided to celebrate by doing a special event in the Super Mario franchise.  The most notable game was Splatoon 2, making a new Splatfest even after they did the final fest in 2019. In this splat fest, you could be on team mushroom or team superstar. In this splat fest, there were two teams that you could be part of, team superstar, or team super mushroom. Each team got a certain color, team superstar was yellow and team super mushroom was red. Despite team superstar winning the popularity, contest team super mushroom came through and won, by winning more games and having a better clout score. The next event was Nintendo anniversary controls and cases for your Nintendo switch. A lesser-known event was in Mario Kart Tour, which is a mobile game where the latest tour was the 35th-anniversary tour. But the biggest and latest one was the release of 3D versions of three old Mario games, them being Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario 3D world, and a new game called Super Mario Bowser’s Fury.

With this anniversary not only did new games come out, but all new lego also sets such as lego Mario, and lego Nintendo 64. The lego set is a lego model of the original Nintendo 64. With all this Super Marios’ franchise will continue to grow and in all this was an amazing event on a scale that we haven’t ever seen.