TwitchCon: The Yearly Convention is Back! 


Imagery by Blue Linden

By Lidya Teklebirhan

October 6, 2021

TwitchCon is back!  The annual meet and greet where viewers and streamers come together to meet creators, compete in gaming tournaments and attend many activities.  After 2 years of canceling this event due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the yearly convention is back. 

Twitch is a live-streaming platform where viewers can watch their favorite streamers do a variety of things such as play games, interact with other creators and viewers, and much more. TwitchCon, an event hosted by the platform is when very well-known and large streamers meet up with their fans to take pictures, talk to other streamers, and participate in different activities related to gaming.  

Ever since 2015, the platform created an event that took place in both America and Europe starting in 2019 known as TwitchCon.  In 2019, the platform hosted its 5th annual TwitchCon, and that year roughly 28,000 people had attended.  It is unclear how many people might join this year’s event because this year compared to 2019. 

Twitch’s congruent users and viewers have grown over 1 million this past year.  The platform has credited the lockdown for the streamer and viewer growth since according to the blog post uploaded by Twitch, the streaming site has added 8,550 new partners since last year making the total number around 50,000. 

Twitch is yet to release a fixed date for the event to be held, but as of right now TwitchCon will take place around July 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and in October 2022 in San Diego, California.  

We have been reminded that the dates that were currently given are flexible regarding the current circumstances of the pandemic and the travel restrictions.  The streaming website made sure that they will do their best to closely follow local health guidelines and recommendations to make sure that 2022’s TwitchCon is as safe as possible.