From My Eyes; Angiza Hamdard’s View on Afghanistan’s Current Events


Raine Jeff

October 8, 2021

“I miss the crowded streets and stalls in the market area and the smell of food and kabab that filled the streets.”

Angiza Hamdard, a Glasgow eighth-grader, grew up in Afghanistan. She loved living in Afghanistan and enjoyed day-to-day life in her home there. She left the country when the political turmoil began.

Currently, Afghanistan is being ruled by the Taliban. When asked about her thoughts on the current leadership, Angiza said, “Currently, I don’t approve of them.  However,  if they can help build the country and serve its people right, problems should decrease.” She currently has most of her family living in Afghanistan and has friends there too. “I usually talk to my grandma who is still in Afghanistan and ask about the condition.”

A new law was put in place by the Taliban not allowing women and girls to attend work or school. Angiza shared her thoughts on the news, “Islam offers more rights for women than men. Both women and men are given the right to learn and progress and there have been many examples of female generals, leaders, warriors, and scholars throughout Islamic history. So, when I heard about the news I was outraged.”

Students who came from Afghanistan all have a different perspective on the current events. This is Angiza Hamdard’s. If you have any questions for her, feel free to ask her if you see her in the hallway.