How Has Music Helped People Around the World?


By Brianna Montevilla ( she/her )

November 15, 2020

Music is something that is a part of our lives, from being young to when we’re old. Music can be a source to help us express our feelings and let out our emotions. People say that music helps you get away from all the problems in your life, the pain, the hatred, and the sadness. Artists make music to help others in a way to comfort them and make them feel loved. How does music help people in our world exactly?

Music can be made with simple beats. Birds chipping, beat boxing, tapping pencils on a table and so much more. Not everyone may realize this but children participate in music lessons because it’s considered a “fun activity”, but really it’s potential is far more than just as simple as it comes out to be. Music can naturally turn into a type of therapy for others. Stress affects people in the world and with music it’s known as a stress reliever.

A few Glasgow students were interviewed to ask them the simple yet meaningful answer on how music helped them.

8th grade student, Anuska Pandey shared :

“Music has helped me with a lot of things. It provides comfort and warmth and can bring up the mood in any situation. It is motivating and has inspired me in many ways. Often it is the only thing keeping me from feeling stressed or angry.”

8th grade student, Cathy Huang shared :

“I’ve always found it hard to talk to people. When I have my headphones on, no one bothers me. This has made listening to music become an escape for me. When I have my headphones on, everything around me fades away. It distracts me from all my worries and fears. For me, music is something that is really important in my everyday life.”

8th grade student, Rosa Carranza Coronel shared :

“Music helps me in so many ways. It formed into the person I am. There are so many types of genres and songs for everyone. It helps me be comfortable wherever I am and whenever I do listen to music it improves my mood and gets me pumped up. It makes me feel like I’m in a different world and I can just let go. Without music I don’t know what I would do.”

What benefits do music artists have?

Artists can use their music as a platform to discuss social issues. No matter the popularity of the artists, concerts are used efficiently to speak out to the artist’s fandom. Those people are most likely to speak out as well since their peers agree with the opinion to address the issues. As we know music can be listened to through radios, speakers, devices and people sing, dance, and repeat the message so that others can hear it.

What are some artists/songs you recommend?

There are various artists who make music for people to help them and make them feel comforted. Here are some songs that can really leave a message. by ITZY by Harry Styles by Niki by BTS by IU ft. SUGA of BTS by MAX ft. SUGA of BTS by V of BTS by Becky G & Natti Natasha