It’s Coming… : 2021 Grammy Awards Opinions


By: Saron Amdemeskel

March 12, 2021

The 2021 Grammy Awards are closing in and students have opinions on who should win each award. This year’s Grammy Awards are airing on March 14, on CBS. The Grammy Awards are a renowned ceremony that recognizes achievements in the music industry. This year will be the 63rd ceremony of which started 61 years ago as the Gramophone Awards. There are  4 big categories and Glasgow students have some opinions on who should win them and which they are most excited to see. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the ceremony will be virtual and students have some opinions on it being so different this year.

The Grammy Awards seem pretty known and watched at Glasgow, as over half will be watching it this year. Sofia Hemmens, 8th grader at Glasgow, had thoughts about the ceremony being virtual this year, “I think that the Grammys being virtual is just the safest way for everything to happen this year. It’ll certainly be a challenge for the people organizing it, but I think it will end up well.” Amaya Guardia Espinoza, 6th grader at Glasgow, also had some things to say about it, “I think the grammys being virtual is great because it still gives people a chance to watch the award show.” Following that statement she said, “I enjoy watching the awards and that might be different because there won’t be people cheering and some artists might not go.”

In a recent survey, at 48.4%, students seem to be most excited to see which nominee will win the Song of the Year award. A few artists they want to see win the award are, Ariana Grande, BTS, Bad Bunny, Olivia Rodrigo, and Demi Lovato. Next up we have Album of the Year, at 25%. Melanie Martinez, Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift, and Ariane Grande are artists they want to see win this award. Coming up close after this we have the Best New Artist, at 20.3%. An artist they want to see when this award is Doja Cat. Lastly, lowest of all, we have Record of the Year at 6.3%. 

The Grammy Awards is an exciting ceremony that is entertaining and fun to watch! Make sure you don’t forget to watch it as it airs this Sunday at 8pm on CBS!