Marvel Announces New LGBTQ+ Comic Character


Raine Jeff

April 29, 2021

Marvel has announced the upcoming release of a new LGBTQ+ character named Aaron Fischer. He identifies as gay and is being called ‘The Captain America of the Railways’. He will make his debut during pride month (June) in a Captain America comic celebrating Captain America’s 80th anniversary called ‘The United States of Captain America’.

Alisa Oden is happy there is a new LGBTQ+ character being added to the universe. In an interview, she said, “it depends how the character [Aaron Fischer] will be represented because I know sometimes representation can be harmful, but I think if they [Marvel] do it right, it’s good.” Anna Lucia Stavlund agrees with Alisa, saying, “It adds more acceptance to the world, implying it’s normal and okay [To be LGBTQ+].” Going off of what Anna said, Alisa says, “I know just a few years ago, it would have been so crazy. Now, I think people are a lot more accepting.”

This announcement relates to Glasgow in showing how much Marvel is working to be more accepting. Marvel has added more people of different backgrounds, cultures, ideas, sexualities, gender identities, and more over the past few years. This helps students from Glasgow feel more included and feel represented in Marvel’s new and exciting things.