Students Share Their Thoughts on the 2022 Winter Olympics


(Image above was taken from The Hollywood Reporter)

Once again, the Winter Olympics have returned!

This year, the host country of the Winter Olympics was China and the games took place in the capital, Beijing. The Olympics began on Friday, February 4 and ended on Sunday, February 20. 2,871 athletes from 91 countries were in attendance at the Games. There are a total of 109 medal events across 15 sports. These 15 sports include figure skating, curling, luge, etc. The sports are split into three categories: ice sports, alpine, skiing and snowboarding events, and nordic events. There is no official U.S. delegation at the Beijing Winter Olympics due to the Biden administration announcing a diplomatic boycott to call out human rights abuses in China. Team U.S.A. still competed, nevertheless! This year, Team U.S.A. features a whopping 225 athletes, the second largest U.S. team ever to compete at the Winter Olympics, which is barely behind the 228 athletes that participated at the Pyeong Chang 2018 Winter Olympics. Glasgow students were asked to share their thoughts about the Olympics. 

Out of 112 students who completed the survey, 36 students selected “Yes”, 53 selected “Sort of”, and 23 selected “No”. Rama, an 8th grader, says “I find it really interesting that people dedicate their time to the sports they love and share their passion with the rest of the world!” 

In terms of sports, the students’ favorite sport from the Winter Olympics seems to be figure skating, with 28.6% of students who completed the survey choosing that sport. In second place is snowboarding, in third place is ice hockey, and in fourth place is ski jumping. Glasgow students are diverse in their sport choices, too!  

People tuned in to the Olympics on NBC, USA, and CNBC where the Games were televised. Peacock had offered live coverage of every single event, which, according to NBC sports, is over 2,800 hours of action! However, now that the games are over, you can still watch replays on the NBC Sports Youtube Channel, so you can still watch your favorites, including Nathan Chen, Maame Biney, and so many more.