Another Way To Communicate- ASL at Glasgow


By: Carlin Adjula

March 18, 2021


ASL- American Sign Language

For every 1,000 children born in the USA, 2-3 of them are born deaf, and 1% of children are mute. Although this doesn’t seem like a lot, it’s difficult for deaf or mute children to communicate with others when they don’t have the ability to speak or hear others. 

How can we help deaf or mute children?

 Well, for starters, another way to communicate is by using ASL which is commonly referred to as American Sign Language. Sign language is performed by using hand gestures to say different words and spell out different letters. If ASL were to be taught in schools, it would help to talk with others when needed even if it’s just the basics. It would certainly provide and expand more options in the future if needed.

What does Glasgow think?

The majority of Glasgow students that filled out the survey think that ASL should be taught in school as a language elective, and 98.3% of Glasgow students think that ASL would be able to help deaf/mute students (while 1.7% disagree).

When you compare this to the people that think ASL would help them, 39.7% said yes” while 44.4% said “not sure,” and 15.9% said no. This shows how many people would want to use ASL, but not many people know it. “Integrating ASL into Glasgow would really push for a more included community, both within Glasgow and internationally,” Safa Touri said. An anonymous quote, “I think by implementing ASL in Glasgow we can make Glasgow a better place and a more inclusive community for all students even with disabilities.”

“I think that it would be really useful to learn ASL so that we have a more accurate and universal way of communicating with those who can’t hear or speak. Being given the option would be a great way to learn more about communication, but also having more empathy for others who aren’t as lucky as we are.”- Quoted Ayesha Gulzar.

This shows the majority vote: Glasgow students think that ASL should be taught in schools to help others who can’t hear, speak, or communicate in general. 

How can you communicate with others even without knowing ASL?

  • Use a phone or notepad to communicate
  • Learn ASL yourself or take lessons
  • Talk slowly or use body language



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