Black Community at Glasgow Speak on Black History Month  


Black history month is a month to honor the African American community. It’s also an opportunity to understand Black history, going beyond stories of racism and slavery to spotlight Black achievement. Some people who are a part of the Glasgow Black community answered a couple of questions such as, “Who influences you as a black person?” and “What does black history month mean to you?” 

8th grade student, Riyah Harvey said, “To me, Black History Month means the remembrance of slavery and our African American civil rights leaders. Black history means a lot to me because of all the pain and hurt African Americans went through. Ruby Nell Bridges influenced me to go to school with different races no matter what race they were and to get along with white people even though some don’t treat us right.”

One of the 8th grade counselors, Mr. Craig Small, said, “In my opinion African/Black history is the history of civilization, excellence, resilience, and genius. I think a lot of times we only see this month as what Blacks did in America and ignore our history before we were enslaved. It is a realization and a celebration of achievement, and the strength of people. It is a call and a reminder to overcome and create. It is a self defining power that strengthens people if they open their eyes, and it can cripple those who run from it. My biggest influence has been my Baba (father). He has traveled to many countries in Africa and to South America to study the Afro-Latin connection due to the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. In his house, there was always African art, masks, books, or shows  about our culture. Without a doubt he’s been my biggest influence.”

Lastly, the theater arts appreciation teacher at Glasgow, Mrs. Taina Smits- Beasley, said, “Black History Month is a time that we really look at the dedication and accomplishments that African Americans have succeeded in to further the advancement of our country.  It’s a time to reflect on the amazing achievements of African Americans despite the mistreatments they endured in the past. Maya Angelou is an African American poet and writer that influenced me to become a writer and educator.  Her words of honesty and selflessness paved the way for many African American women in this world. Despite her struggles that she experienced in her life, she rose to the occasion and wrote words that inspired generations to come.”

Overall, Black History Month is important to the Glasgow community because there are many black students in Glasgow and we should use this month to honor them