Black History Month Celebrations at Glasgow!


By: Ayesha Gulzar & Isabella Pikner


Black History Month is underway and students are planning to celebrate with various activities. If you didn’t already know, Black History Month is a month dedicated to highlighting the achievements and impact that African Americans have made on the United States, which is usually overlooked. In 1970 the first celebration of Black History Month occurred. 50 years later, Glasgow students are celebrating Black History Month by making connections with the black community, educating themselves and others on black history, and supporting black owned businesses. 

It can be challenging to know how to celebrate Black History Month, but our students and teachers have some ideas!  Brooke Amanuel said, “I will learn about someone or something that helped fight against racial discrimination.” Many other students are also planning to use their free time to research and learn about all the good the black community has done by watching movies, tv shows, reading books, and even just looking on Google to learn about the black community. Dr. Oladimeji is planning on “highlighting a Black mathematician every day on Twitter.” Many other people are trying to spread awareness as well. Additionally, students are reaching out to history teachers to learn about Black activists. Here are some other celebration ideas that students are planning to do:

  • “My family and I are going to go on a hike on one of the Underground Railroad trails.” – Brooke Ehmann-Jones
  • “I want to draw all the innocent people that were killed by the police. I would also like to listen to mostly black creators to celebrate their music and how far they’ve come.” – Anonymous
  • “I am going to DC and celebrating on BLM street/plaza.” – Timmy Adye
  • “Making sure the people of this ethnicity are appreciated, and that I let them know I love them for who they are.” – Isabel Hilbers

No matter how you celebrate, making connections with the black community and ensuring that everyone feels safe and loved is the main objective of Black History Month. Moreover, we should carry a culture of kindness throughout the whole year, not just this month.