FCPS’s 22-23 Year is a Week Longer

Fairfax County Public Schools extends school by one week for 2022-23 school year

FCPS’s 22-23 Year is a Week Longer

Fairfax County Public Schools has released its 2022-2023 school year calendar to the public. This happened after the school board settled on the dates about a month and a half ago. The year starts on August 22, 2022, and ends on June 16, 2023. It has been made longer to accommodate more religious observance days and days off, as well as to match nearby school districts. It starts a day earlier and ends a week later than the current school year.

Not many students like the school year’s yearly creep earlier into August, though. Only 6% of students like the earlier start (seven students out of 109 surveyed), with 47% against it (51 out of 109 students surveyed.) 8% of students here at Glasgow somewhat like the change, with the rest of the student body indifferent. Although, students were happier with the increase in Religious Observance days, with 71% being at least somewhat happy with this change. The real question, though, is how students feel about the year ending on June 16th. That’s a week later than when school ends this year. It isn’t surprising that over half of the students (54%) dislike the change, although 19% approve of it in some capacity. 

However, students were asked if they like the shorter, more packed school year this year as opposed to the longer and hopefully easier year. They were split pretty evenly with the majority being on the fence about it. Some like having longer summer breaks, while others enjoy having extra time to get ready for SOLs and extra time to study. Also, predictably, students preferred having real snow days to having virtual learning days this year. So it’s possible that “real” snow days will return next year!

To sum it up, FCPS has released their new calendar and Glasgow is pretty divided on how to respond. The year has an extra week added onto the end, and students aren’t super happy with it, but at least the year will be a little more relaxed.