From My Eyes; Ms. Criswell’s September 11th Experience


Raine Jeff

September 11, 2021

This September marks the 20th anniversary of the September 11th, 2001 attacks. On this day every year, people all over the country remember the people lost and all the people who showed heroic acts. Ms. Criswell remembers the day and how it went down for her. This is her story.

It was a Tuesday morning. Ms. Criswell was working as a German language teacher at Woodson High School when the attack took place. She was in the process of teaching her students when a teacher ran down the hallway, telling teachers to turn on their TVs. Her class watched as the second Twin Tower was hit by a plane. A few of her students had phones and were trying to contact their parents, but were unable to because the phone system was jammed. Kids were crying and Ms. Criswell was worried, “I don’t know what the kids thought, but in my mind it was history.”

“We closed schools for the next day and just watched it on TV,” said Ms. Criswell, recalling how empty and quiet DC was. She’s still unable to go to memorials or watch the news coverage from that day, remembering all the lives lost, “it is one of those things you never forget.”

Everyone who witnessed the attack had a different story, a different perspective. This was Ms.Criswell’s. Ms. Criswell is one of Glasgow’s French teachers. If you don’t have her in class and have any questions, or would like more details on her story, contact Ms. Criswell at [email protected].