Glasgow Band Shares Journey to Assessment


The Glasgow Wind Ensemble Band Assessment was scheduled to take place on March 12th this year but was canceled due to unexpected weather. Students have been working towards Assessment since 2021, as it is an important event where ensembles across the district perform and are judged based on their performance and skill in prepared pieces and sight reading. 

The majority of the Glasgow Wind Ensemble is 8th graders that have missed their Assessment experiences due to Covid-19 in their 6th and 7th grade years. They were excited to finally be able to experience this event and represent the Glasgow music department. That’s why the cancellation of this much anticipated event hit so hard for students and band teachers. Bailey Farkas, an 8th grader in the Glasgow Wind Ensemble shared, “I feel sad that Assessment got canceled because we worked for months on getting ready and we prepared so much for Assessment. I know that I and many other Wind Ensemble students aren’t as excited for Assessment now and are more excited to get past it and play fun music for the spring concert.”

Mr. Sharrock, one of the band teachers at Glasgow MS, shared that the cancellation was heartbreaking, and that it brought back the memories of 2020 when the quarantine canceled Assessment merely days before the performance. The extra two week wait was challenging for Mr. Sharrock and students because “It is hard for students after such intense preparation for the past Assessment date because I realized that it was hard for me to keep my focus up and I could feel it was hard for the band too.” However, “We went to assessment and performed super well, and I think that speaks to the level of focus, care, and dedication that the students have.”

The Glasgow Wind Ensemble finally got their Assessment debut on March 28th at West Springfield High School and, “For the year that we had, I thought it was the best we could have played,” says Mr. Sharrock. The hard work and journey that these students took paid off well, setting up musical growth for all of these musicians in future years.