Glasgow Counselor Appreciation


By: Maclain Monsky


The Panther Post wants to give a big shoutout to all of Glasgow’s counselors! They help provide Glasgow with a loving, safe, and productive space. Our counselors keep the school up and running by meeting and conferencing with students, helping students finalize their classes for next year, and that’s only a small amount of what a large impact they have at Glasgow. 


Let’s give a big round of applause to Laine O’Donnell, Jennifer Pallotto, Irania Escalante, Akon Otoyo, Darren Thornton, Emily Wasserman, Karen Jeannette, Gregory Frantz, Emily Boydstun, Joash Chung, Elois Berry, Sara Bracken, Lisa Hughes, Veronica Melendez, Danielle Causley, Destiny Delaware, Melissa Rios, Bryan Villalobos, Adrienne Cooper, and Jill Briody for all of their hard work as Glasgow counselors. 

Thank you Dorian Horvat for the original art!