Glasgow Panther Time Students Bring Positivity Through Artwork


Lina Mohamed

November 22, 2021

On Wednesday, October 20th, Ms. Marin’s Panther Time class went outside and wrote  positive messages on the sidewalk in front of door 3. 

The ones behind the beauty are none other than 8th graders, Venus Mejia Martinez and Ariela. Ms. Marin usually takes her Panther Time class outside during break time. That morning, Ms. Marin had chalk and asked if Venus and Ariela would be interested in doing chalk art (with the condition of it having to be school appropriate), and it ended up with something beautiful!

The message Ariela and Venus were trying to portray was so students and staff could feel supported. Coming back to school was challenging for all of us, so they were trying to encourage us! “We wanted to reassure anyone who happened to look down. Spreading positivity is really important to us. That sounds very cheesy and scripted, but it is genuinely the message we wanted to spread,” said Ariela.

According to them, this will be an ongoing activity which is such great news! This will also be an ongoing thing according to them which is such wonderful news! It’s such a nice way to spread positivity for Glasgow!