Glasgow SGA Discusses Potential School Dances


Both the SGA and administrative team are considering a school dance as a potential event for this year. Although the SGA is still debating due to Covid procedures and student behavior, there is a chance it will happen.  

According to Ms. Melinda Hedenberg, an administrator at Glasgow Middle School, said, “this year there is a possibility, but I can’t say for sure.” If there is a chance of a dance, it would be for Glasgow Middle School students and staff. With the possibility of it being the chance to have one night of fun before the 8th graders leave for high school. It would also be a chance to properly welcome the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders who have never had this opportunity.    

Ms. Hedenberg and the Student Government Association (SGA) shared their thoughts. “Some of the difficulties would be Covid, masks, and distancing along with other protocols,” Ms. Hedenberg shared. Along with that, she expressed, “[students have] not really shown us that they are ready for those types of events.”  Most kids want to have a dance, according to a survey that went out during panther time. Out of 166 responses from Glasgow students, 66.3% do want a dance. They even have a few ideas about why and what this possible dance might look like.

Students voted on what themes they would like, with the results below:

Remember, this is not set in stone, and it could change. If you want to help and have a few ideas, talk to the students in SGA and rally for your cause. Student behavior is also important, which means going to class on time and using appropriate language. With some time and effort, there may be a chance of convincing the SGA and administration to give Glasgow a school dance to end the year.