Glasgow Students Anticipate Field Day


Glasgow students will be participating in field day on June 8th, or June 9th if the previous day is rained out. There will be multiple activities for students to participate in including bouncy houses, a parachute game, and a dunk tank with Mr. Powell. Field day is a way to reward students for getting through the school year and behaving appropriately.

Amara Hlubny is excited about this event. “It’s a really good idea, it seems fun!” Alisson Calles Rodas is also excited for it to happen saying,, “I didn’t expect this from Glasgow, so that’s a nice change.”

In regards to the ‘good behavior’ rules for attending the event, students have mixed emotions. Lian Senan believes that people who misbehave shouldn’t go and Ryan Nate says that not allowing them to go will, “teach people doing bad stuff to do good stuff.”  Grevlen Harris disagrees, “Some people who can’t go [due to disciplinary restrictions] should be able to go.” Grevlen had a friend suspended who now can’t join the festivities.

Whether Glasgow agrees with the restrictions or not, this field day will be an opportunity for friends to hang out and enjoy games before the school year comes to a close. Hillary Nguyen wants to know if “it will be expensive or if they will use old materials.” Share your answer to this question in the comments and don’t forget to watch the news show for updates.