Glasgow’s Eighth Graders Look to the Future and High School 


Glasgow Middle School’s 8th graders’ time at Glasgow is coming to a close and people have to know: where will they go from here? According to a survey sent out to Glasgow students, the 2022 – 2023 school year will bring numerous students to a variety of high schools. This means the 8th graders care about furthering their education and preparing themselves for success in life.

99 eighth graders at Glasgow were surveyed and 73.7% are going to Justice High School. Chloé Bernasconi Niño, an 8th grader, was originally going to go to Falls Church High School, but will most likely transfer to Justice. She says she’d like to go to Justice because, “I’d like to have the option to do the IB diploma, and they also have a crew team, which I like, and most of my friends are going there.” 

7.1% of the 8th graders surveyed said they are going to Annandale High School. Mayeda Alom, another eighth grader, says, “They offer a lot of great courses.” She also applied for TJ for the same reason. 

2% of 8th graders in the survey are hoping to go to Thomas Jefferson High School. Robert Gard Marquez, someone who applied for TJ, says he was interested by, “all the hype about how awesome of a school TJ is.” Explaining the process, he says it isn’t guaranteed that he will get in. He says he’s also really looking forward to “probably seeing a bunch of my friends” if he goes.

3% of 8th graders are going to Edison High School, one of them being Alisa Oden. She says she feels very excited, “I did a lot of research and the teachers seem really cool there.” She did apply to TJ, and she said, “At first, when I first started applying in November, I applied because I really like STEM.” She also says it was “kinda to see what would happen.” Although, she doesn’t think she’d go if she gets in.

Glasgow will miss the current eighth graders, but they will be remembered at this school. They have shown us the right way and taught us well. They were our friends, our peers, our mentors, and our idols. Perhaps they will become famous one day and will keep Glasgow in their thoughts. Farewell, 8th graders!


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