Glasgow’s Reactions to the Events at the Capitol

Glasgow’s Reactions to the Events at the Capitol

By: Safa Touri



Washington DC is in turmoil and on high alert after the insurrection of the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. It comes after President Donald J. Trump called for his supporters to turn around the 2020 election that he claims was stolen. Supporters answered his call, smashing windows, threatening politicians, and even planting bombs. 


Caroline Allison, a 6th grader, said that she couldn’t, “believe people would do that. It just horrifies me and is appalling that people would do that.”

Saron Amdemeskel, an 8th grader, criticized President Trump, saying this, “was tragic and showed how much Trump is unfit for the job.” Boisseau Woltz, also an 8th grader, added on to Saron, saying, “[It’s] sad because we live in two different Americas.”


Students also shared feelings of confusion over the amount of law enforcement that was present compared to last year’s Black Lives Matter protests. In 2020, BLM protesters were faced with countless equipped federal security forces, where only a handful of DC police were present for the more than thousand-person mob.


Capitol Building – Protesters have already broken through DC police, faced pepper spray, and teargas.


BLM Protests – Heavy and high security, protesters faced police brutality and violence, hundreds of arrests, struck with rubber bullets and teargas.


“I am outraged about the police response on January 6th, versus their response to the Black Lives Matter protests,” said Katie McGillicuddy, who is an 8th grader. 


Differing from those previously mentioned, other students had different points of view on the Capitol events. John Kennedy, an 8th grader, felt, “like it [the Capitol insurrection] was [acceptable], considering what was happening during the vote days.” Moreover, one student supported the actions shown in the Capitol, while others were neutral or were unsure of where they stood. 


As of now, over 155 rioters have been federally charged with crimes relating to the event. Additionally, Joseph R. Biden and Kamala D. Harris have been named the 46th President and 49th Vice President, respectively.