Glasgow’s Students React to the New Cell Phone Policy


Glasgow’s new phone policy was put into place on January 10, 2022 to improve students’ focus in the classrooms.  Students returned from winter break only to immediately have the new policy to follow.  However, teachers and administrators eased students into the new rules and policy by having a week where there would be no disciplinary action if you broke the new rules.  The policy was put in place because instead of focusing on class, and listening to their teachers, students were using their phones.  Glasgow students are having a variety of reactions to the new rules.  

Isabella Pikner, an 8th grader at Glasgow says she both agrees and disagrees with the new policy.  She says she thinks it was a “bit extreme” and thought the policy was “annoying”.  As for Emmett Stadtler, a 6th grader, he says “I think it is fair but you should be able to use it during a passing period.”  Odessa Jansen, a 7th grader, says, “I didn’t use my phone a lot at school even before the phone policy,” so she wasn’t too annoyed with the new policy.

This new cell phone policy has had a different impact on different students.  Remember that there are consequences to having your phone out, and if you use it in the classroom, hallways and anywhere else, it will be taken away from you.