Helpful or Hurtful? Glasgow’s View on Learning Foreign Languages


By Tomas Wayar
December 2, 2020

Online school has been a learning curve for most of us, but we’ve gotten used to it. Yet, one topic remains controversial among the students – foreign languages. Some students think it’s a waste of time and effort, while the majority believe that learning a new language will help us in the future.

A recent poll in Glasgow shows that 79.2% of the 178 Glasgow students that were polled believe that learning foreign languages is beneficial. 5.6% of polled students believe that foreign language classes do not help us learn, while 15.2% don’t have an opinion on foreign language classes. Brought up to Glasgow’s scale, that’s about 1400 students that think that learning foreign languages is beneficial, with around 100 believing that foreign language classes are NOT helpful.

Katarina Sochurek, a student at Glasgow Middle School, says, “I am in Spanish and I love being able to advocate for myself in another language. The opportunity to learn another language helps people to understand others in different languages.” Maclain Monsky, another student, says, “I believe that learning languages is very important in your life. Knowing multiple languages can make you appear smarter. It can look good on job applications. It is also really useful when traveling to foreign places so that you can talk with the locals. Overall there are no negatives in learning new languages.”

Madame Laarche, a French teacher at Glasgow, says, “First of all, you will be aware of other cultures. When you understand another language, you’ll also understand the culture behind it. Second of all, learning a language will help you in life. Many colleges around the world require you to be able to speak a different language. Third of all, when you learn language, you are open to learning other things. Students who do well in my French class are more successful in their other classes.”

Overall, the majority of people in the Glasgow community can agree that foreign languages are helpful to learn and will help us later in life. However, many students still remain against learning foreign languages.