Ms. Gray Wins Outstanding Secondary Teacher’s Award


By: Maclain Monsky and Raine Jeff

March 16, 2021

Ms. Gray, Glasgow’s very own Algebra 1 teacher, won the Outstanding Teacher’s Award for all of Region two (middle schools) of FCPS. The process takes place over the entire school year and ‘crowns’ one teacher for their excellence in the classroom with students.


The Outstanding Teacher’s Award is an award given to FCPS teachers with three phases for winning the award; the first stage is winning the award for your entire school (Glasgow for us) and once all the schools have their winners, each winner moves to the next phase which is winning it for your school pyramid (our school pyramid is the Justice Pyramid). After that, the highest level of winning the award is for your region (the entire FCPS school region). Ms. Gray won the Outstanding Teachers Award for Glasgow and our school pyramid and right now is working towards regional winner. We don’t have the results yet on whether or not she’s won for the region, but make sure to wish Ms. Gray luck!

“It was very overwhelming,” says Ms. Gray. “I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a moment where your body just kind of shuts down and you’re just so overwhelmed you don’t know what’s happening, but that’s how I felt. It was very exciting and unreal.” She was very surprised to win the award but was happy she had. She hadn’t been aware of her nomination until Ms. Madigan had informed her she had won the award for Glasgow.


Through this tough year, Ms. Gray has shown how strong of a teacher she can be and how well she leads her students to success. All of us here at the Journalism Club applaud her hard work and dedication to Glasgow. Don’t forget to congratulate Ms. Gray and wish her luck in the coming round!