My Teacher Out Of School


By: Raine Jeff

December 13, 2020

“I love my Ancestry when and if I get the time. I was adopted, so finding out my background is interesting,” says Mr. Stuecheli.

While it may seem that teachers live and breathe school, Glasgow teachers can be found doing normal things such as hiking, reading, and shopping. They voiced things they like to do in their free time out of school when relaxing, hiking, or giving a helping hand.


Teachers are very creative with skills ranging from woodworking to baking and cooking. Let’s see what things brighten their days:

“My favorite hobbies are playing golf and fishing, I especially enjoy any activity that I can challenge myself to get better at,” says Mr. Haggett.

“My hobbies include just about anything outdoors. I love the outdoors! My wife and I love to go hiking and see all that nature has to offer. Kayaking is up there as well. I have also picked up a new hobby during the pandemic. I have started basic level woodworking. I haven’t lost any fingers yet so I consider it a win,” reveals Mr. Floyd.

Ms. Bevenour says, “Cozying up on the couch with a great book and coffee in my hand is another favorite of mine. I also love baking, spending quality time with my family/friends, and watching feel-good movies that make me laugh. My most recent hobby has been training my rescue dog and watching him grow!”


Outdoor Fun

The great outdoors is filled with exhilarating hikes, unique nature, and breathtaking views. Some teachers love going outside and enjoying it. Here’s what they have to say:

“As a nature lover, I enjoy exploring the outdoors, observing wildlife, and practicing open-air sports. I also volunteer monthly to help restore ecosystems by doing tree inventories and water quality tests, cleaning lakes and trails, removing invasive species, and planting endemic ones,” tells Señora Etienne-White.

“Outside of school, I love to run. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons for running. Lately, I only run about 20 miles a week, but I am signed up for a half marathon race (13.1 miles) in April that I am really looking forward to,” tells Mrs. Gillis.


Seeing/Serving Others

Not only do teachers like teaching and seeing their students and co-workers in school, teachers like helping and interacting with others in less professional settings. This is what some of them do:

“I love bumping into students at the grocery store, Target, etc,” says Ms. Durgavich.

Dr. Stevens says, “My favorite thing to do is help other people. I believe we are here to serve/help others. We should NOT do this because we want people to think well of us, but because we see a need, and move to fulfill it. One example is we have a neighbor across the street who lives by herself and is 87 years old. In the Fall she would also walk down her driveway to walk around the neighborhood for exercise. The problem is her driveway slopes steeply to the street, making it dangerous to walk down when it was covered by acorns. I started using my leaf blower to clean it off. The fun thing was the first time I did it I waited until she left in her car. That way it was done in secret, so I was not doing it so she would think good of me. Kind of like not letting the left hand know what the right was doing.”

When all we see of our teachers is small, pixelated images on our screen, it’s important to know who they are off that screen, in the real world. For students right now, there is no knowing of the posters in teacher’s classrooms, ways they move through them, how they act around students vs. teachers, and so many other seaming insignificant details we take for granted in person. Teachers spend their time reading, hiking, woodworking, offering assistance to others, and so many more activities. We look forward to learning that Mr. Floyd likes to woodwork in person instead of via the Panther Post. Stay safe and hopeful.