School-Wide Catch Up Days


By: Ayesha Gulzar She/Her
January 12, 2021

Glasgow Middle School will have school-wide catch-up days on January 14-15 to get students caught up with all of their classes. Over the course of online school, FCPS staff has found that students’ grades have been decreasing because of incomplete assignments. As a result, FCPS has instructed every middle school and high school to designate 2 catch up days in order to get students caught up with previous work. Glasgow’s catch up days will be on January 14 and 15.

The catch-up days will consist of students logging onto their regular classes and checking in with their teachers to make sure they are caught up with all of their work. If not, students will work on completing missing work, and teachers will be available in the class to give guidance and support. These catch-up days are intended to give students the opportunity to complete previous assignments and incomplete work while receiving guidance from their teachers. Attendance will be taken. Students should be logging onto their classes, regardless of whether they are caught up or not.

This is a great opportunity to get caught up and raise your grade, so take advantage of this event because it is bound to help you!