Socializing During Online School


By: Alisa Oden (She/Her)
January 4, 2021

A huge part of school is the people: Your teachers, your classmates, and your friends. But now that we’re online, how do we get to know them better? In a survey given to Glasgow students, 44% of students said they felt like they could make new connections in online school, while 56% said they couldn’t make new connections.

Students were also asked what suggestions they had to make it easier to socialize and make friends in online school, whether those be tips for fellow students or ideas that teachers could implement.

  • “More breakout groups, cameras on, and if we had cameras on an online meeting source that allows you to see more than five people like google meet or zoom.” -Nahom Daniel
  • “Be outgoing. If you seem confident it will make the other person feel confident as well. Try to make small talk, nothing too important. That way you can build a core relationship.” -Diana Prudius
  • “Going to clubs in google meet is a good way to meet different people.” -Maclain Monsky
  • “I think we could have a day or two every 2 – 5 months that are solely dedicated to interacting with other people, both teachers, and students. Teachers could set up break out rooms with a total of only 2 people, and provide a series of questions to get people talking. “ -Safa Touri

You can always turn on your camera and/or mic too if you feel comfortable! Putting names to faces can really help others get to know you a little better. Many students also recommended that teachers do more breakout rooms and icebreakers. If you want, you can also ask your friends to introduce you to new people! Quarantine is hard, but if you let yourself branch out a little- who knows? You might just make a friend.