Spirit Week at Glasgow MS


By: Riya N. Vlcan 


Virtual spirit week is coming up at Glasgow MS this Tuesday through Friday! Be sure to show your school spirit by dressing up virtually with these themes on the assigned days. Staff and students can even submit photos of themselves through different forms that might end up being put in the yearbook and news show! 


February 2 – Tuesday

Sports Jersey Day

Join us for Sports Jersey Day on Tuesday, February 2nd! Be ready to dress up in your favorite jersey or uniform from any team you like! It can be a professional, college, high school, or even a team you play on. Examples include a Capitals hockey Jersey,

your baseball uniform, a Chiefs jersey, etc. You don’t have a jersey? Feel free to wear any other sports gear you have like a Lakers T-Shirt, a Florida Gators sweatshirt, or even something as simple as a shirt with a sport on it.


February 3 – Wednesday – Crazy Hat Day

Crazy Hat Day


Crazy Hat Day is almost here! This Wednesday, make sure to wear a crazy, exotic, funny, interesting hat that you made or one that’s just laying around in your house! If you don’t have a crazy hat feel free to wear your favorite hat you have in your house. We can’t wait to see

what kinds of crazy hats you decide to wear!


February 4 – Thursday

Tacky Day

Do you always try to get your outfit to match? Well, this Thursday you’re going to do the exact opposite because it’s Tacky day! You’ll want to put together an outfit that doesn’t go together and makes you cringe just looking at it. Be creative! Be colorful! You can wear anything you want! Let’s get ready to see some crazy and mismatched outfits!


February 5 – Friday

Fitness Friday


Do you like to workout? Do you have athletic clothing? Do you have athletic accessories? Well, this Friday is the chance to wear it! Make sure to get dressed in clothing that you like to work out in, accessories including things like sports glasses, weights, athletic headband, wristband, etc. Have fun making the outfit and get creative!


We hope you decide to dress up for spirit week. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Feel free to take a picture of dressing up and put it in the assigned form for the day to have a chance to be featured in the yearbook or news show. Now, let’s show our school spirit! 


Sports Jersey Day Form 


Crazy Hat Day Form 


Tacky Day Form


Fitness Friday Form