Teachers in FCPS Protest in Anger for Higher Pay


By: Rewan Farag 

June 4, 2021

Last year, teachers in FCPS remained with the same salary due to COVID and virtual learning. This year, FCPS is making the same decision. They are not going to be giving teachers a pay increase, which means that this is the second year in a row that teachers will not be getting a higher salary. Teachers are protesting against this. Surrounding counties such as Arlington and Prince William are going to increase their teachers’ pay. As a result of this, some teachers have opted to leave FCPS. It could be a teacher you know or have met. Teachers have had to adapt to the current situation and change the way they teach. Not to mention, some teachers have a family at home, yet they will not be getting a pay raise. 

159 students took a survey sharing their opinion about this current situation. Here are the results:

These students were also asked if they think that protesting will make a difference in the lives of these teachers. 

Some students also shared their opinion about what they think about teachers leaving FCPS. Here are some quotes: 

“I feel sad, but I understand that it is their way of protesting this unfair pay situation.” -Katarina Sochurek 

“I feel it is unfair, as they deserve better pay, especially since this year, has been hard on not only students, but also teachers, most of whom had to teach both a virtual class, and in person class at the same time, as well as the fact that teachers take time out of their day, to provide sufficient support and help for struggling students.” -Nathan Schwartz

“I definitely agree with them because they are doing outstanding work, they are teaching the future doctors, lawyers, and generations of people who will positively affect the world. They are doing this generous act with not so much a generous pay, at the end of the day they need to help themselves, so they deserve more pay.” -Halima Al Attar 

“I think if they leave, they’re leaving for a good reason. Teachers are the reason why students have continued to learn and acquire knowledge even in the craziest times and not giving them an increase in pay is unfair.” -Angelika Tzioumis

It seems like the students feel that teachers had the right to leave because of low pay. This is their way of protesting against what’s happening. They are helping shape our world in a very positive way. Because of them, students can have a bright and awaiting future. If you see a teacher stressed out or working hard, make sure to let them know how much you appreciate them! Thank you to all of the teachers!