Mysterious Bird Stuck in Glasgow’s Courtyard


In the Glasgow courtyard, there has been a mysterious white bird that has decided to claim the area as its habitat. This courtyard bird has been spotted around Glasgow’s courtyard for countless days now. It mostly stands still like a statue and never leaves its position. Most recently the bird was seen during Ms. O’Brien’s first period English class on 03/24/22. Other reports of the bird have been the highest on 03/23/22, with sightings from Ms.Roddey’s second period English class to Journalism students during fit, and much more. This bird is most likely a white dove. As the bird has been spotted more and more days, concern has grown for the health and safety of the bird.

One of the bird spotters, Mayeda Alom said that, “In my opinion, this bird is here because it is lost. If no one tends to its health the bird might not be in great shape-as in it will die. The way we could help out the bird is if we could at least provide it with food and water”.  In many recent images of the courtyard bird students have noticed how the bird is looking more frail as it continues to remain in the courtyard and almost never leave. Another bird spotter, Munira Khalif said that, “When we saw the bird we tried to call it over using bird calls. Though it didn’t work. Because there’s no one caring for the bird, and it seems stuck so it will most likely die.” Many students are thinking of the worst possibility for the bird, which is that it will die. 

As we know the courtyard bird is most likely a dove and a dove will typically live for 4-5  years. Though without necessary nutrients like food and water the bird can only survive for around 1-3 days, according to Flocking Around. Doves often eat a variety of foods, some of those are sunflower seeds, cracked corn, wheat, milo, and millet. The nutrition of a bird is always important, so what should Glasgow do?